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Traveling to Europe on the tail end of a pandemic

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

Before we dive into our European re-entry, we wanted to share general experiences and recommendations for traveling in Croatia as well as some pandemic related advice. Remember, Covid-19 travel restrictions are subject to change at any time so do your own research for your future travels.

In order to gain entry to Croatia, we were required to be fully vaccinated (though a recent PCR test was also an option).

This was not a problem, as we were clamoring for the freedom to travel again, so Jennifer and I both made appointments for vaccinations on the first possible dates available to us in April and May.

You are also required to provide a negative Covid-19 test result prior to

boarding a plane returning to the USA.

We'd done research on this in advance and found a location 20 mins via cab from our hotel that could do a test for us.

But as luck would have it, we stumbled upon another method that has proven to be much better - a USA-approved at-home (or at-hotel) antigen test to be used for the purpose of return international travel. The kits are sold in packs of 6 from and include a live online proctor who verifies your identity and oversees the process to make sure your test results are legitimate (these are the same kits you can now buy individually at drug stores but in order to qualify for international travel to the US, you are required to use the version that includes the online proctor). It's important to note that these sets of six kits are tagged to the individual that purchases them and can't be split up between a couple or a family (the one downside). But since we could take a test in our hotel room in 20 minutes and use the rest for future trips, this was well worth it.

Once complete, you receive your test results within minutes to your email and an associated app. We have now used these kits on several trips, and they been flawless.

Masks were required on aircraft and when indoors in public places in Croatia. Otherwise, taking a mask on and off in the hotel lobby or walking to the restaurant bathroom is no big deal at all and a small price to pay for visiting this beautiful country.

All in all...everything was seamless, and the effort put in was nothing compared to the amazing opportunity to travel again!!

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